Additional Packages

Solar Power Packages

Solar Power packages available, please contact distributor directly:

Advanced Innovative Systems

Dwight Forrest
245 Via Milan Terrace
    Davie, Florida, 33325
US: 954 394-8755
JA: 876 479-0303

Alternative Power Sources Ltd.

4 Strathairn Ave.
    Kingston 10
876 960-4886
876 537-3975

Car Port & Rainwater Guttering Packages

Roofing specifications:

  • T1-11 Ply Sarking roof deck installed on Rafters with a water proof membrane on top.

Rainwater Guttering specifications:

  • Furnish, paint and install wood strip to plumb slanted fascia board.
  • Fabricate and install 190 running feet (58 meters) of 6” seamless K-style gutters (white aluminum .027” gauge).
  • Furnish and install factory exact corner pieces, as needed – riveted and sealed to a water tight condition.
  • Install aluminum self tapping brackets every two (2) feet or as needed to secure gutter system.
  • Factory exact end caps and K-outlets supplied and installed as needed.
  • Furnish and install 40 running feet of 3”x4” white aluminum downspouts with elbows leading to the ground.

Extended Car Port & Rainwater Guttering Package

Roof is extended to cover the entire Service/Drying Yard

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